Azure IoT hub – Manage your things


Managing your things that are most important in your business is a biggest challenge for the technical department of your organization. IoT or Internet of things is a concept where, devices are connected to the internet, sends and receives data to and from the Cloud. Data will be processed and give you the information which was unseen before.


What is Cloud?

Cloud a set of computers or servers connected and managed in a network called Datacenters. From the Cloud we can buy spaces and software services. For example you can buy a virtual machine, disk space, email service, network service and anything you can have as a form of software service. Microsoft Azure is one of the largest Cloud.  

Why devices need Cloud?

Your device will generate infinite number of data while it is in active mode. If you store those data in your laptop or local server,

  • You will not have global access of these data.
  • Your serve hard disk will be full at some point.
  • You might have power failure at your home.
  • Your laptop or computer hardware might crash.
  • Your data might not be secured.
  • You need to have hours of your to manage the system up
  • Need to hire a new resource while the system is bigger and complex.

Why Azure IoT Hub?

When you will create your device, it needs to connect to the cloud in a secured manner. Otherwise, other devices using the same protocol will send and receive data to your system.

You need a system that will allow to

  • Add a new device in your system.
  • be secured while sending and receiving data.
  • have feature to access different type of devices with different type of protocol.
  • Easily manage by the developers and technical engineers.
  • Send data to the different manageable outputs for example, SQL Server, Blob storage or documentDB.

Send data in known formats, like tabular ro JSON format.

A standard ecosystem to manage IoT will help you to maintain the system in the long run. Availability of the engineers to maintain and upgrade the system is a primary demand in the IT infrastructure. Azure IoT is designed in a way which is very easy to add, configure and manage devices.

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