libgit2 error in Visual Studio and GitHub

Many of us are facing the following error message when trying to clone a GitHub repository in Visual Studio 2013.

An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net (Error). Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found)

Libgit2 error in vs2013

This is happening because, you have multiple GitHub accounts and you have signed in to another GitHub account from your Visual Studio 2013 and saved that. Visual Studio 2013 stores the GitHub credential in Windows Credential Manager.

You need to remove the GitHub entries from Windows credential manager.


1. Go to Control panel and click on User Accounts and Family Safety

Control panel


2. Click on Credential Manager

User Accounts and Family Safety


3. Locate the GitHub entry in the Generic Credentials list

Credential Manager Credential Manager - Remove entry



Remove the GitHub credential from the Windows credential manager. Now you can try to clone a new repository from Visual Studio’s Team Explorer. It will prompt for GitHub credentials.  Give your credential and now you will not see the Libgit2 error message. Cheers!

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