Microsoft Azure Preview

Microsoft Azure Portal preview that is is designed to perform DevOps more efficiently. In this post you will see some of the cool features of the portal in a single page. I am using “a single page” because the view mode is an expansion of the pages in the right-to-right side not scroll down or a new page navigation.

Azure portal got the full DevOps tool badge when it has integrated VisualStuio Online. It allows to manage project, code in Git, test and deployment. It promotes independence of development team, IT operations, and tester.  This is a powerful tool for the startups who always fighting to manage the resource because lack of established process and combination of different new experience peoples.

The main page is called “Startboard”. Each individual slides that opens in right side on each click is called “Blade”. Let’s see some of the feature of the Startboard.

Theme for the portal

There four themes available for the portal. One is Azure default one and others are light, blue and dark. Theme feature is available under settings. Double click on the page body and theme will change. This theme change will give you some extra space to not be bored by seeing same color every day.

Customize the UI

Right click on the page and choose “Customize”. Reorder your modules of your start board and press done button. Also you can right click over the component on the Startboard and unpin it. If you don’t want to see the billing module in the start board, just right click it and unpin.

To pin back any module in Startboard, open any module and in the top right corner there is option “Pin blade to Startboard”.


Lots of infographic is used in this Portal. You will get your account status in within some seconds if you visit billing information page.


You can see your recent activities by clicking on activity from the menu. Activity for individual task is overwrite by new timestamp, it is not a history list.

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