My Windows 8.1 experience

Installed windows 8.1 in my laptop and still not used to with it. Desktop looks good because of physiological effect that I have a newer version of windows.

I was suffering to update windows 8.1 after the installation. When I was restarting windows, it was doing something for infinite time, yes, I have waited for whole day to complete the task but it was not finished. How I fixed that problem? I have installed .NET Framework manually then restarted the Windows. This time update process was finished.

Everyone complain about the missing or new start menu of windows 8 and 8.1. There is start button but the page is shows is really painful to watch.

Most importantly it is hard to find the newly installed software or any new software. There is option to find my software. Short cut key is Windows Key + F, but again, the default search is selected as File. You need to select Everything to search for your application.

Overall, it’s a old wine in a new bottle label. I don’t have any exciting experience yet. I will update this post if I see anything new.

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