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Today Bangladesh is among the top 30 countries for IT outsourcing on the glob. With the explosion of freelancers and IT companies in Bangladesh reaching out the US market and vice versa. It has become more important than ever to understand the changing needs of the US market for web services and be able to leverage the growing expertise in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi IT entrepreneurs are always interested to reach US market and they are interested to know more.


BASIS arranged an event on 10th December, 2014 in BASIS auditorium on this perspective. Presenters were Najm is the CEO and founder of Ennovision in Bangladesh and Cody Blake is the CEO and founder of Liquidfish in Oklahoma. This event was meant to give the audience an up-close and personal perspective of Entrepreneurs developing businesses in their own eco-systems and then sharing their learning of crossing over to the other side. One that is homegrown in the US and the other that is homegrown in Bangladesh. Cody was talking about how the US market has changed in the past decade and what it has taken for him to serve this market so successfully. Najm was sharing his fresh off the press learning about how a Bangladesh based company can expand to the US and what it means to make the “Cut” to flourish in the US.

It is important to promote your product in your web site and that requires promoting your web site, content marketing, SEO, Making your site smart, Build links, and optimize social profiles. First of all, we need to know what are those contents? Video , text, info-graph, white paper, market research etc. are the example of content . Some of the key points from the speaker about the content marketing are,

Content Marketing

  • Link generation for your website, Your site needs have “wow” type of content for the link generation. “Good” or “Ok” type is not enough.
  • Good content source, There are tools you can find the good content. to find top ranked content, dig , rateit site can show good content type.
  • Skyscraper technique, make content better. Find content and make it better.

How to promote your site?

  • Start with fans, friends and followers. Let them know about your site which is quite easy you all should agree with me.
  • Take paid service to promote.  There are paid service to promote your site in Facebook. Check that in your Facebook next time your logged in.
  • Use social network. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are the place you show focus.
  •, this is interesting point all should note.
  • Influential outreach , there are some person who can influence people, try to promote your site through them. May be they can post your product information in his site or articles.


Every 1 minute there are 2,000,000 search is happening in Google. 61% is looking for product or service. 60% traffic goes to page 3 result.

How Google rank site? Ranking goes like traditional Bangladeshi marriage, Bride First , then look for reputation. How reputation is judge? is it judged by how many people says site is good. Analogy can be, go to school teacher to get information of a daughter of a school teacher. That is, an education related website can certify an education related site.  Relevancy and quality is very important to Google algorithm. Learn and use “One page SEO”,  Back link etc.

Google only consider back link. Not visit.

Build Links

Content marketing , link outreach, info-graphic marketing, media marketing.

Optimize social profiles

You must have a blog. Companies blog with more than 20 post per month has 5 times more traffic than other companies.

Opening corporation in US

  • Register the company. Consider the paying tax. There are two tax in US, one is state tax and other is federal tax. That is you have to pay tax for Bangladesh and also for Barishal.
  • Get mentor and advisor. Choose a mentor in US who can help you, suggest your for example in legal issues. Hiring a legal advisor is expensive in US.
  • Personalize your business. Create a culture how you want to run the sow. Choose like minded people around you.
  • You have to be authentic. Be what you are and don’t fake anything. Don’t shy to show your culture there.
  • Open a branch in Delaware state does not need money. It was a discussion but it is not sure how much it will cost.

Tips from Cody, 20141210_110340486_iOS

  • Show them how you are going to start end the project.
  • Discovery the information: Define, create, facilitate, review.
  • Backup Capabilities: show them you are using GIT, show benefit.
  • Give client some options, >NET , PHP
  • Handle ongoing struggles, pricing, content, revisions, scope creep, technological changes, unrealistic deadlines.



Source: Write was there in-person and official event email from BASIS.

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